Offshore Rowing

Composite Monocoque Rowing Shells For Training And Recreation

Offshore 21

Offshore 21

Offshore 21 is a more aggressive hull design providing a Racing Shell experience, from smooth water to less predictable conditions.

Similar in appearance to a true Racing Scull, the length and beam suit transitional rowers learning and training for fitness or future competition.

Offshore 21 is a package of hull and components designed to excel in offshore races and training opportunities in conditions less than ideal for a narrower Racing shell.

Offshore 21 is redesigned for 2014 with a new cockpit similar to the Offshore 16, now with adequate room for a wide stance Footboard and full size Seat-top.

Offshore Specifications



Width WL

Max Width

Max Displ.

Offshore 16 16' 24" 24" 275 lbs
Offshore 21 21' 15" 18" 250 lbs